From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:Hagerstown Flat Track Race Date:Thu Jul 8 13:35:06 2010

The Hagerstown Flat Track Race is Aug 7th this year. Some of you went with me last year and I think folks had a good time. I am going again and if anyone wants to go let me know. I can take 3 more with me and if more want go we can meet up to car pool up. I plan on driving versus riding since it goes until after 10 and the ride back can be dangerous at night especially if having a few of those 32 oz. beverages!
We are also set for July 31 at Patriot HD for our show with the Nighthawks playing. We talkled about supporting a charity which I am going to meet with them on but my call would be a veterans group or wounded soldjers group. They also want to talk about a theme. Obviously my input will be something stressing antique m/c's.

Later, Rollo