From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: July Meeting Grammar Date:Mon Jul 5 22:07:53 2010
Response to:228

Your spelling and grammar are excellent. I was especially pleased that you included the accent aigu in "bon appétit".

As I get older, I find that not only are my eyes getting weaker, but my attention span is also slowly decreasing. Very long paragraphs, especially those spanning multiple topics, are difficult for older readers to read.

You depress the clutch when changing gears. You simply need to depress the Enter key an additional time when changing thoughts.

Keep up the good work!



Thanks, point well taken, I will work on my grammar. I also have an idea; how about going forward at either during or right after the one meeting/ride that you make a year (based on prior role calls) you write up and send out the follow-up email letting everyone know what was discussed at our monthly meeting. That way no one will have to suffer through my lack of punctuation and grammatical errors.