From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: July Meeting Date:Mon Jul 5 16:15:13 2010
Response to:226

Do you listen to Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers on the radio? Remember their campaign to Send Vowels to Poland?

(Poland is a very poor country. The founders could afford consonants, but ran out of money when it was time to buy the vowels.)

It appears that Gainesville is also somewhat under- privileged. The founders could afford sentences, but they ran out of money when it came time to buy the paragraphs.

Maybe we can start a Club charity -

Send Paragraphs To Gainesville



To start out I wish to thank everyone for coming over Saturday for our July meeting of the “Highlands of Virginia Chapter” of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. I also hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. I myself enjoy celebrating our wonderful country’s birthday. I started off by meeting some of the members at the guard shack located at the entrance of my development. The guard on duty was very accommodating as he was flagging in and welcoming anyone on an old motorcycle. I had earlier cleared my driveway in anticipation of seeing and providing a safe spot for Richards recently purchased “36 Straight 8, 3 Window Buick Coupe”. I wanted to make sure that if he drove it over it would be in a spot that all of us would be able to take in the beauty and Pre-WW II mechanical prominence. He decided that he was not going to drive it to today’s meeting but promised me a ride and a complete tour of all the systems as he became familiar with them. As a loyal General Motors enthusiast, I look forward to the ride and will hold him to it. Once everyone arrived we had our usual Hi, How ya doing, Where ya been and all that in my garage. My driveway and garage filled up quickly with Antiques Iron and old friends as it got close to 1330. Bob brought the refreshments so I helped him carry them in as we made our way to my basement. Once downstairs I called the meeting to order and we got right down to business. Richard led the meeting discussing his, Rollo and Bob’s recent exploratory trip to West Virginia. He also handed out a vast array of maps and flyers that referenced the roads and eateries that we will be enjoying on our upcoming yearly club run. It was obvious the “The Three Amigos” had done their homework and had really put the effort in while planning this run. We discussed each day’s ride, where we were going to eat and all the amenities at the resort. We decided who would lead each days run, how much time we would need between the ride and dinner as well as what the anticipated weather would be. Basically we covered just about everything imaginable for our upcoming chapter’s 2010 big event. It looks as if there will be a fairly large group of us arriving on Thursday and the immediate plan is that we Bar-B-Que near our cabins for our dinner. The Friday and Saturday meals have been well planned, bon appétit'. After the meeting Bob stayed and we went over a few more of the details and discussed how we would get the information out to all the members and others that usually make our yearly big event. If you can, email me other National Club Members that you know are planning on attending, I will copy them on all correspondence regarding this event. I will update more as I get the information.

Ride Safe,