Subject:July Meeting Date:Tue Jun 29 08:50:59 2010

As discussed with many of our club brothers we will have a meeting this coming Saturday afternoon at 13:30 at my house in Gainesville. We need to discuss and finalize some important details of our upcoming “Highlands of Virginia Chapter” Smoke Hole run. Richard, Rollo and Bob have all put a tremendous amount of effort into this event and we need to acknowledge their effort by showing up and assisting in finalizing some of the minute details. We also will be taking a head count for the upcoming Patriot Gig, good job Rollo. I also have some details about another Hot Rod/Bike event that was discussed earlier in the year. Please plan on attending so we can find out all the interesting news and ideas that the “Three Amigos” found out when visiting the Smoke Hole site a few weeks back. I will have cold beverages for the thirsty.