From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:antique bike show Date:Mon Jun 28 11:15:32 2010

I got a call from Lyndon at Patriot HD while I was in Maggie Valley this weekend. He is putting out a possibe date for our show of July 31. This is a date that he and Mark Wenner from the Nighthawks worked out as one they could play. We have not been able to get this worked out in Aug or Sept due to various road runs and other events. The issue is I need to know by weeks end at the latest so Lyndon can sign up the Nighthawks!!!!

Mark was going to tell the Chesapeake Chapter as well and feels he can get some of them to participate too.
I realy need to see who is in or not as this is a major expense to Patriot and don't want to dis them and not respond.

As before, folks that want to trailer to my house and make the short ride down the hill to Patriot are welcome to do so. I'm pretty sure the start time would be 10 am and go until 3 or 4. I need people to respond so I can let Patriot know whether to go ahead and book the Hawks or not.
Possible beer and burgers back at my house pending further interest. Let's get a good crowd to show for this!