Subject:Smoke Hole Update Date:Sat May 22 19:55:38 2010


I want to bring to everyone’s attention that Richard and Rollo has been working extremely hard on getting information and making plans for our upcoming Smoke Hole Run. These are plans that are being made behind the scenes to insure that when everyone arrives all the details have been addressed and worked out i.e., reservations, Fridays ride, Saturdays ride, gas stops , chase truck , lunch stops etc. They have a pre-ride planned early in June along with a dry run of the routes to make sure the roads are Antique Motorcycle friendly. They both are truly putting the effort in to make sure our chapter members as well as our guest from North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York enjoy our event and receive the Good Ole Virginia Hospitality (West Virginia in this case) that they have grown accustomed to when attending Highlands of Virginia rides and events. We now need our fellow Highlands Chapter members to let me know if they are interested and whether or not they will be attending this exciting event. I know its a few months away but we have been talking about this for awhile and we still don’t have any type of “nod” or commitment from most of our members. I do ask that after reading this email each of you at least send me a note with your intentions. If you’re not going, that’s fine; if you are I would like to at least show our two club brothers that their work is not in vain. I do know that as discussed with Richard early this morning that no matter who shows it is going to a fun event in a beautiful part of our Nation. There is still many cabins and rooms available, so its not to late to reserve your room.

Next item at our last meeting we discussed being part of the Patriot and Winchester Ride in Bike Shows. We decided that everyone was going to decide what would be the best weekends for each chapter member. The thought was that everyone would send a note to me with their available dates and we were going to get back to both dealers. To date no one has provided that information. I will ask Rollo to provide the scheduled dates of events from Patriot and I will do the same for Winchester and send them out by mid to late next week. Then we can decide at our next meeting what will work for most of us. Our next meeting will be in Mid June so we can finalize some of these important issues.

Tom and I rode down together to the First Sothern National Run in Denton, North Carolina and it was a gas. We ran into allot of people we knew and some we did not. We found parts that neither of us has seen at our other local events. It was a fun event that we both went away saying it could only get better over the few years.

Ride Safe