From:Tom Hardy
Subject:Up coming events Date:Mon May 10 1 3:57:48 2010
Hey all,

Back from my musical journey throught the South. What a trip!
Anyway I thought I would post a few events in case folks are interested.

1. The Barabra Fritchie Classic Flat Track races on July 4th in Frederick, MD. Gates at 10 heats at 11:30 750 pro main at 3:00. This is the oldest continually run flat track event in the country!

2.Hagerstown, MD flat track races. This is also a national point race and some of you went last year and I think had a good time. It is Aug 7th and usually starts late afternoon and runs into the night.

3. Chesapeake Chapter party, June 5th. If you received an invitation, please RSVP to Billy at 301-466-2610 so they can get the numbers for food since it is a catered event.

4. Memorial Day weekend events at the HD shops and other venues. Enough said on that one!

5. White Rose MC hillclimbs are 6/6,7/25,9/26 along with an Indian meet 6/27 and the AMCA swap meet 10/1&2

I have gotten with Patriot and we have some dates working but trying to finalize the one that best fits for the antique show. I hope that we have that soon so folks can plan. The original date they wanted was the same as the Penn National Road Run and I know me and several other s are already committed to that so that was out. Details as the become available.
Obviously there is a ton of other stuff but these are just some of them, and the AMCA swap meet in Denton Fram Park is this weekend in NC. I plan on going to that too.