From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Decal Source and Thanks to George for Sunday's Get Together Date:Mon Apr 12 07:26:25 2010
Hi All,

It was great seeing the guys at George's yesterday. I wanted to thank George for hosting another tech session at his shop. Ed got his cylinders honed and ready for assembly. King got his ratchet top mounted on his transmission. I had a hole brazed up on my fender. George supervised the whole operation and we all left happy with the results. I think Ed is going to post some photos from the tech session. (Sunday's attendees were: Hodge, George, King, Flat Head Ed, Long Shanks, Dave Hennessey and Bob)

I'd brought some custom decals I had made-up by a fellow in California. His name is Gonzalo (Peewee) Curiel. Peewee is a pinstriping artist, mechanic and producer of custom decals.

I needed a replacement decal for the primary chain guard on the Boonie Bike. He worked from a photo of the original (damaged) decal. Peewee was able to fill in the missing parts and came up with an exact replica of the original emblem. It only cost $50 for the custom graphics and several copies of the decal.

Some of the guys asked me to share his website and e-mail address. Here they are:

Website 1: (Pinstriping)

Website 2: (Honda ATC Decals)


You'll be able to see some examples of his pinstriping on the first website. Peewee specializes in Honda ATC decals but will make die cut decals for anything you want.

Have a great week.


Bob Nicholas