Subject:Updated Time For Sunday Reapir Date:Sat Apr 10 10:08:25 2010

I made a mistake on the time, we will be meeting at 0800 instead of 1000.



It looks as if some of us will be meeting up at “Fast Georges” shop tomorrow at 1000. AM to do a little repair and refresh. The items to be addressed are as follows:
• Align the ratchet top shifter forks and check the clutch dog(s)’ alignment on “Kings” transmission in relation to his new ratchet top. I have the tool if anyone needs it. The tool gauges off of the shifter drum and transfers the exact position of the shift forks in relation to the gears.
• Weld up Bobs fender
• I will be finishing the final bore on Flat Head Ed’s cylinders and getting everything ready for the final assembly the weekend after Oley
• Longshanks will be there working on one of his many motors and providing an update on the local political climate. We will also compare notes on our growing parts list from Taiwan Todd.

If any one else want o show we should be there for a good part of the morning, possible ride after wards.


Oh yea, dress warm, Georges shop is usually cold.