Subject:Highlands Chapter August Run Info Date:Fri Mar 26 21:38:03 2010

It was decided during last weekend's meeting Richard and Cliff would research our
August run site and then get back to us with what they found. Richard reported back
on their findings and it really looks as if this could turn out to be a fun and
interesting event. This is an area in the Piedmonts that I have not been to in
quite a few years, I look forward to it. After speaking to some of club
brothers/sisters they are looking forward to the event as well. We thought if each
of you would call in to the Run Site; and make your reservations it
would assist us in closing the deal on our negotiation regarding the overall Cabin
cost. When you open up the attachment take note of each cabins cost. Basically we
would be saving the overall members of the club somewhere around $750.00 -$900.0.
Also check out the different amenities, it looks like we will staying in a neat
place. When you go on the website make sure after opening up the web
site you scroll down and click on, open Up "Our New Brochure" and you will find some
great pictures of the cabins, hiking area, horseback riding, relaxing and some hot
blond. You should check it out. Some of us have already booked our rooms, they are
located in the first section of the attached email, "The Smoke Hole Resort Rooms".
These look like nice rooms that will serve our purpose well after a 150 - 200 mile
run blasting around the area on "Antique Motorcycles" checking out the Best in Class
West Virginia Highways and Byways. It does not get any better than that, unless of
course you're in Virginia. We still have to decide on Dinner, Tent, specifics etc,
all that will be brought up for discussion at our next meeting on April 17th

So with that being said, please read the entire attachment and call ahead so they
can reserve your rooms now before everyone else finds out. For you guys that aren't
bringing your wives and/or girlfriends there are cabins in the same basic area where
a bunch of you can bunk up, Chuck, ''Longshanks':, More r to come later. I will
email each of their references sand forward their replies.

Rollo has some good ideas on "The Highlands of Virginia Chapter" having a show or
two this year with a "Hot Rod Shop". I will send the information out later this