From:Hodge e-mail:michael.r.harrison
Subject:Yesterdays Meeting and Ride Date:Sun Mar 21 14:46:57 2010

Yesterday proved to be a great day for a ride, lunch and then a short meeting. To recap, Richard and Cliff will be discussing and deciding whether we will be having
our yearly "Big Event" at the "Smoke Hole" or the other resort that apparently is near the Smoke Hole Lodge. Cliff and the British Club I believe, are riding out that way today to check both of them out. Once Cliff has checked them out he and Richard will huddle up , make a decision on which one will best suit our "Band of Merry Men/Women". Richard then will let me know their decision and I will begin sending out reminder emails and getting the business side of the run set up.

Next item discussed, the 2010 "Highlands of Virginia" Ride in and Bike Show. We decided that I would call Winchester Harley Davidson to see if they have an available date that would work for us. The goal is to get our chapter out in front of others who ride and are interested in our older iron as well as getting the host location to give each of our members a T-Shirt?? and lunch, old parts etc. Richard
mentioned that Rollo would be checking on Patriots Harley Davidson for the same idea.

Last item, next month's meeting is to be held at "Griffins Tavern" on the third Saturday ( April 17th ) at 1330, that's 1:30 you non swabs.

I think that's it.

Ride Safe,