Subject:Sunday Ride 3-7-10 Date:Mon Mar 8 12:29:57 2010

As scheduled “Fast George” and I met in the parking lot of the Gainesville Sheetz fuel stop Sunday morning at 1000. We then rode out thru Middleburg and then on to Purcerville where we met “Choppa Rob”. After a brief discussion on repairing and welding up an aluminum timing cover we split off to have lunch. Cliff joined us at the Infamous Purcerville Wing restaurant where I grilled him (no pun intended) on needed information regarding our upcoming Charity Event. After lunch we rode over to Choppa Robs house for a shop tour and to catch up on his trip to Florida, nice shop Rob. While there, Kara served snacks to go along with the beverages that Rob had already offered up. After checking out all of Robs neat projects and parts and because of projects that I needed to complete(still unpacking) George and I rode back to the Gainesville area. All in all it turned out to be a nice 90 mile ride with excellent weather.

Ride Safe,