From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Parkerizing at Georges - Feb 28, 2010 Date:Mon Mar 1 17:45:33 2010
March 1, 2010

SUBJ: Informal Meeting at New Baltimore Garage This Past Sunday

ATTENDEES: Hodge, Chip, George, Cliff, Dave (Long Shanks) and Bob

Hey All,

Just wanted to thank George for hosting an informal meeting at his shop on Sunday.

Several of us showed up with our lower backs out of whack. Seems that happens more and more. Hodge and I both were suffering a little bit. No matter, we still had a good time at George’s. Cliff shared some of his somewhat gymnastic back stretching exercises with the group. It looked painful. Not sure I could bend that way, even in my younger years.

We spent the morning Parkerizing some of Long Shank’s and Chip’s motorcycle parts. Unfortunately, my springer parts wouldn’t take the treatments.

Dave and I brought our Parkerizing kits. I hadn’t tried out my e-bay purchases (industrial hot-plate and stainless steel lab pot) and was anxious to see how Parkerizing a couple of springs and nuts would turn out. My container seemed possessed and danced weirdly on the hot plate for no apparent reason. George fixed the problem with a couple of stiff hammer blows to the bottom of the pot.

For the most part Dave’s and Chip’s parts turned out great. My previously chromed parts has been sandblasted down, to what I thought was, to bare metal. As it turns out, previously chromed parts do not like to be Parkerized. Evidently, sandblasting doesn’t remove all of the chromium. As a result, my parts were either partially Parkerized (blotchy) or not at all. They'll have to be painted.

It was good to get together with a few of our club brothers. We all had a good time, as we always do.

We’ll have a formal meeting this month. Stay tuned for the “date and time” announcement.

Best Regards.