Subject:Febuary Meeting Date:Mon Feb 22 10:57:55 2010

Thanks to everyone for showing up at my house during the inclement weather last Saturday. It was great seeing each of you and having a chance to catch up on things that each of us are working on during these last few frigid months. We were able to knock off a few important agenda items: elections (congratulations to the electees) new plans for our big run welcoming new members and planning a “Highlands of Virginia” charity event. We made some good plans for this year and from what I got from the response; the recommendations were welcomed by the entire group. I look forward to the “Highlands of Virginia” Chapter changing up and going to a Ski-Resort for our big run this year and hosting a bike show to bring in some charity money. Look in the attached meeting minutes Richard sent out a web site that actually has a picture of “‘Longhanks’’ twin brother. When you open the website you will see a picture of his brother sitting at the dinner table. You have to look closely but I’m sure you will see the resemblance. The “Smoke Hole” website really looked like an exciting place to have our run. As discussed in our meeting I’m sure we will be able to get the our club Brothers/Sisters from Boston; Del, Mike & Sharon, Dave & Kim, Joe and of course the North/South Carolina contingent: Opie and Chan (of which has not missed a year) and all the Knucklehead boys from the Blueridge Chapter. I truly enjoyed hearing about Richard and Tom ruling the streets of Arlington back when they were younger, I know that was a long time ago. I got a kick out of hearing about Tom telling Richard after not seeing him for 35 years that some of the parts on his chopper was not era-correct; some things never change, Tom still does that today, go figure. As discussed during our meeting we have 5 new members Jeff, John, Euva, Mike and Rachel who like us have that old motorcycle background and I’m sure will be enjoying our runs, meetings and chapter events, welcome aboard. Thanks again for everyone coming out in the snow to visit my new digs and enjoying a bowl (Three for Tom and Choppa Rob) “Hodges Famous Chili” and cold beverages. I will be sending out a notice for our March get together, hopefully it will be dry enough for a ride.

Off to warm weather.