From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:2010 Dues Payment Record Date:Thu Feb 4 17:48:07 2010
Hey All,

We've done pretty well in collecting the member's 2010 dues. The following payment information comes from Treasurer George's records:

Members Who've Paid Their 2010 Dues:

Cliff Wicker
Rachel Wicker
Peter Knick
"Flathead Ed" Bauer
Johnny Couls
Tom "Rollo" Hardy
Barry Wuergler
Richard Besley
Tom Holter
Mike "Hodge" Harrison
Bob Nicholas
Dave "Long Shanks" Sinex
"Big Yankee" "Chopper Rob"
Eugene "Chip" Brady
George Downes

Members Who's Dues We Need:

Frank Harrison
King Troenscgaurd
Rick Allen
Dave "Henderson" Hennessey
Mike "Wuss" Mueller
Bill Patchett
"Indian" Tim

And a few other recent and past members.

Let me (or Treasurer George) know if we've missed anybody in either the Paid or Unpaid columns.

Thanks to everybody that's paid so far.

If you still need to pay your 2010 dues, please send $15.00 to George Downes. You can bring payment to the next meeting in March, as well.

Hope everybody fairs well with the upcoming snow. Drive safe.

Best Regards,

Bob N.