From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:2020 Events Calendar + More! Date:Wed Jan 15 10:38:25 2020
The Planners have Planned our 2020 events! You can see the results on our WHAT WE DO page (excerpt below) and on our CALENDAR.

We will do a GETAWAY WEEKEND this year, most likely in Elkins WV, where we went in 2016. Take a look back:
Bob, Don, and Dave will continue planning this event.

Christmas Dinner - Wuss and Dave are exploring restaurants with party facilities. Brass Cannon in Gainesville and Guiseppi's in Haymarket are possibilities. More later.

2021 Planning Meeting - we plan to plan early for 2021. The November date is tentative.

NEW MEMBER - we voted to accept John Oien who attended the Rivah Ride and FYBO events. Welcome John.

DUES INCREASE - Sue Greer, our new Treasurer, assessed our total assets as "slim", numerically around $200. Our financial plan is to collect dues from members, and return it to members during the year - in the form of Pizza at the Sock Wash, Food For Females at the Ladies Day Brunch, and Hors d'oeuvres at the Christmas Dinner.

Apparently, we've done exceeding well at RETURNING the last couple of years, but not so good at COLLECTING. We'll tighten our belts during 2020, but Sue suggested we increase the 2021 dues to $25/year. We will discuss and VOTE on this at the Sock Wash on February 9.