From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Yesterday's Meeting Date:Sun Jan 31 07:58:44 2010
Hi Guys,

It was great to see all of you at yesterday's meeting. Many thanks to Hodge and Donna for hosting. The chili was fantastic.

I was in a big rush to get out to the truck and clear off the snow for the trip home. I forgot to thank our host and to chip-in for the meal. My apologies to Hodge and Donna. I promise to make amends.

Thanks to everybody for allowing me to be the Club Secretary again this year. I'll try to get the meeting minutes typed up in a couple of days.

Again, thanks to Hodge for hosting yesterday's meeting. I believe it counts as our "February" meeting. We'll need to figure out where and when, the March meeting will be.

I hope everybody got home safe and sound.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas