From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Rivet squeezer dies Date:Thu Jan 2 13:32:43 2020
Response to:1755
Shane you might check with Hansen Rivets out in California. They have everything concerning rivets from the rivets to all the ways to secure them from hand to big industrial machines. Also might contact Tom Feeser at Replicant Metals since he repos fenders and see w what he uses.
One last bit that I have found out over the years is that HD used an orbital riveter, whatever that is to do their fenders. Would assume from the name that the rivet is beaten with a head that rotates around the end being riveted. I would assume the same results could be achieved using a Snap-on or other air hammer in a similar fashion. I think holding the work firmly would be the biggest challenge while doing it.
Good Luck and repost how it works out.


Anyone have proper rivet head dies for fender and brace rivets.
I have a 6" squeezer coming but do not think aircraft dies will work.