From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: FYBO This Saturday Date:Fri Nov 22 12:01:20 2019
Response to:1719

I think in light of the current and anticipated weather forecast I am going to 4 wheel it to the "Pottery Barn" tomorrow. Raining here pretty good so the roads will still be wet in the AM plus leaves all over the place and barely above freezing temps in the morning. I could take the ride if it was at least dry roads but wet an wet leaves NO THANKS.
I am still going to Pan Am for breakfast and then to Bill's. Hope to see you all there.

Joe and I will see y"all at Bills Craig

This Saturday Nov 23 is the FYBO ride. We'll meet at Bill
Potter's Motorcycle Mausoleum at 10am, then frolic over to
LaHinch for lunch.

The weather forecast is not looking good. If it rains, just
keep dry inside your 4-or-more wheeler.

If the weather is good, either meet at PanAm restaurant at
9am (call Rollo to confirm), or just proceed directly to
8600 MacArthur Boulevard, Bethesda, MD.

See ya there!