From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: cad plating Date:Thu Oct 31 19:51:29 2019
Response to:1709
For future reference:

Richmond Metal Finishers, 506 Maury St, Richmond, VA 23224
Phone: (804) 233-8371

Unfortunately, their minimum charge is very high - maybe $150 - but I forget just how much. I only had a few pieces, and I was able to negotiate a little, but not much.

Most places have a $75 or $100 minimum charge, and for that price you can get a whole motorcycle done.

There are many, many shops that do cadmium plating, but not around here. Today, cad is pretty much used only in military and aerospace applications.

Here are a couple of places in the Dallas area:

Texas Precision Plating,, 972-494-1547

Billmark Plating,, 817-429-5356

I had a place in Ohio that did really quick service, great quality, and only a $50 minimum. They did my entire K-model for that price. But then they shut down their cad line and added a second zinc line.

For both chrome and cad, there are plenty of shops that will do your production run of 10,000 pieces. The number of shops willing to do small jobs (like a motorcycle) is small.


BTW, if you ever want to cad plate a stainless steel part, you first have to do a Wood's Nickel Strike. Cad won't stick to stainless, so you need an intermediary. I think I talked to Texas Precision about that, but didn't have it done.