From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:February Meeting (Message from Hodge) Date:Mon Jan 25 18:35:24 2010

Hodge asked me to post his recent e-mails on the Highlands Exchange. Here's the one from January 24, 2010.




I would like to start out with thanking my good friend and club brother “Fast George” for having January’s meeting in his shop. His presentation and class instruction was not only helpful but extremely educational. Some of our club brothers/sisters have set up flywheels before but for the most of us this was a new experience, I truly enjoyed the meeting and learned from it as well. Bob and I stayed late and then I went back the next day for the final adjustment and torque. Also thanks to Skip for his fine choice in Pizza.

It’s time for our February meeting; I propose to have it at my new house next Saturday at 1600 hrs. I will send out directions in a separate email. As Bob indicated in an email on the “Highlands Chapter” website it time to vote the team that we want to lead us for the next two years. It’s important that everyone comes to this meeting so that whoever you want to lead our “Band of Merry Men/Women” is voted in and everyone gets their say so. As I have said before, our clubs decisions are usually decided at our monthly meetings.

It’s also time to start planning this years “Fall Classic” If everyone remembers; Richard brought up a great idea that was welcomed at lunch two meetings ago and actually spurred quite a bit of interesting discussion and recommendations. His suggestion was instead of going to Natural Bridge this year we change it up a little and go to a Ski Resort for our ride and get together. Everyone welcomed his idea and it was decided that would be this years big run. We did not decide on a date so we will need to hammer that out at next weeks meeting. After discussing with a few of our club Brothers/Sisters check the following dates out that we would want to work around; Sept. 2-5 is Davenport, Sept 12-15 is the PA National Road Run, Oct 1-2 is Jefferson. So maybe around August 10th -11th, or 17th- 18th, or maybe September 24th- 25th. Try and be thinking about the above mentioned dates, this run could really be fun and as Richard mentioned when he and Debbie researched the idea most of these “Ski Resorts” already have “Mapped out Rides” and actually cater to groups like ours already. I really think that once planned we could attract for the most part, The Natural Bridge Crew, that includes The groups from Boston, North and South Carolina and of course all of us.

Another item that we should discuss is an idea that Richard had planned on bringing up at our last meeting but because of the confusion and mayhem surrounding King and his trip to the hospital was unable to. I will ask that he discuss it next week. His idea was as a chapter we host/sponsor another event during the year say at like a park or a restaurant like “Hooters” where we have a bike show and sell “Highlands Gear” i.e., T-Shirts, Mugs, hats, and what ever else we can produce that people might like to buy. We did it a few years ago when Rollo brought up going to the Patriot summer bash that featured the “Night Hawks”. It turned out to be a great event that got us out there and in front of people. It also is an event that we all can be a part of that can be done on a weekend of which is good so that we don’t have to try and take time off to travel. Richard will also be discussing what to do with the proceeds. I have discussed it in detail with him; it’s a good idea and look forward to Richard telling everyone more about it at next weeks meeting.

As our club grows we continue to bring in stand up members and prove that we really are a group of Motor Cycle Enthusiasts that have joined for many different reasons. No matter what the reason, it’s apparent at each meeting that all of us have something in common. I look forward to seeing everyone next week; I will provide cold beverages and warm sandwiches and welcome each of you into my new Home/Shop.

February “Highlands of Virginia” Chapter meeting.

DATE: February 30th 1600 Hrs

PLACE: 6877 Tred Avon Place Gainesville Virginia

DIRECTIONS: I will send a separate email with directions from either Rt 15, IH 66 or from my old house. I live approximately 1 ½ miles form my old townhome in Parks of Pediment.

Ride Safe,