From:Ed Bauer
Subject:RE: Facebook Page Date:Mon Sep 2 15:12:34 2019
Response to:1682

Hello fellow Highlands chapter members and apologize for the late reply. I've been
on FB for over 5 years and have had one helluva of a good time, almost always. I
joined because of my daughter. It's a nice way to stay in contact with family and
friends. I've also reconnected with former co-workers and old Navy buddies from
the 70s. But the best thing that happened to me was finding Michele, via the AMCA
FB page. That was 3 1/2 years ago and we're still going strong. There are a few
closed groups I belong to that need a short vetting before you can join. There are
many groups/sites dedicated to specific motorcycle makes/brands/models, etc.
We've both have made numerous friends via FB and have actually met many of
them. Hodge is on here also and was hoping he would weigh in. Via FB, Michele
has actually sold two Panhead bikes...King's to a FB friend and one from a fellow in
Florida to a friend in England. There are pages also where bikes/parts/etc can be
bought and sold. So there you have a short few examples of my experiences. Hope
to see everyone at Jefferson.

Well , I think that most of the members are not on facebook so they are not
informed on how it works. You have a personal page and the only information given
about you is what you enter. Then there is a business Facebook page. It does not
contain any personal information just what is entered. There are other chapters
that have their own Facebook page. You made the best choice by shutting it down
to keep the peace . It is actually a good tool to get new members , maybe some
other time down the road after everyone is informed and votes on the matter .