From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Stupid Website + The Future Date:Wed Aug 21 10:04:30 2019
Response to:1674
Well Tony I disagree with your assessment totally!

Before Dave did the website we didn't even have one.
A lot of us could give a damn about Facebook or any other social media and feel no need to share our lives any more than we do now and are not interested in hearing the details of others lives. If I do I will call or email or text. Plenty of avenues for me to use
Dave sent a very thoughtful response to this issue and has offered to modify the website to the extent possible to achieve what issue folks think are lacking. As he points pout all of the things folks seem to want are doable without the rules and controls of Facebook.

Our site has been, mostly, under utilized and with additional tweaks by Dave I see no reason it can't achieve the things folks want.

You want to Facebook go right ahead but don't say we must be on it just to post pics or some other perceived lack of ability to communicate or buy and sell stuff. We already have it but folks don't use it.


Hey yall... has anybody else noticed how Lame our Website is??? I cant even upload a JPG picture... the interface sends back: must be a JPG Damn it! Im posting a JPG!!!

Lets grow up Yall... Im almost 61 years old, and I think Im one of the youngest? - Justin and Dan aside...

Do we WANT to Attract enthusiasts to take note of the AMCA? Do we want Old Motorcycle locals (Virginia?) to sort of... want to: Find Us??? Im pretty sure the answers right before our eyes... like... DUH?!?!?!