From:craig williams
Subject:RE: Stupid Website + The Future Date:Wed Aug 21 07:56:22 2019
Response to:1674
Ok if you want to be on facebook then be on facebook! It
is everyones' own choice. Once on Facebook always on.
Personally I get enough spam, BS Mailed and phone
solicitations as it is. Just my choice to resist social
media. If you just want to be able to post more pics the
currant site can be modified. No matter how secure one
thinks these sites are they are monitored by "Big
Brother"period. None of us (hopefully) have nothing to
hide but just prefer to be private. No need to tell the
world every time I'm leaving town or when returning. If
you see somthin on these sites (market place) for sale
send me a link and I can look if I choose-
For my two cents lets just modify our site to allow us to
post more if we choose or not(Dave can still delete any
inappropriate stuff) and if agreed upon put a link on your
own FB page to check out our site with whats up.
"Liberty if free but it takes cash to buy rum"
See you in the wind or the bar( most likely not
on social media) Craig --
I vote more riding and less talking FTW

Hey y’all... has anybody else noticed how Lame our Website
is??? I can’t even upload a JPG picture... the interface
sends back: “must be a JPG” Damn it! I’m posting a JPG!!!

Let’s grow up Y’all... I’m almost 61 years old, and I
think I’m one of the youngest? - Justin and Dan aside...

Do we WANT to Attract enthusiasts to take note of the
AMCA? Do we want Old Motorcycle locals (Virginia?) to sort
of... want to: Find Us??? I’m pretty sure the answer’s
right before our eyes... like... DUH?!?!?!