From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Thoughts on Facebook page Date:Tue Aug 20 22:02:56 2019

I was quite surprised at the groundswell of "NO" votes to the Facebook idea. I don't like FB and I don't use FB except maybe once a year when I'm trying to find out about someone.

I do NOT have any specific security concerns about FB as it relates to the Chapter. You, as an individual might have concerns, and obviously many chapter members do.

What purpose will a FB page serve?

1) "post photos, events and toss around some ideas"

-- Our Chapter website already has the ability (the Highlands Exchange) for members to do this. Very few ever do. I'm not sure we need a second place for people to not do so.

2) "share motorcycle related items that we come across for sale on 'Facebook Marketplace'"

-- You can do that by posting it on the Exchange. If I'm interested, I'll check it out on FB, registering for an account if necessary. Same for eBay and Craigslist.

3) "its [sic] just another way to stay in touch and help our group grow!"

-- We do want to grow! As us dinosaurs die off and turn into crude oil, we need some young whippersnappers to take our places.

But here's the problem - the average FB user is not going to wake up one morning and divine that he/she/it should search FB for "Highlands Chapter". How do we market us? How do we contact the entire worldwide FB membership, and tell them "If you're interested in antique motorcycles and live in Virginia, goto FB:Highlands Chapter"?


A number of years ago, I got the idea of creating a FB:Harley Hummer Club page. The idea was to have a page that would NOT compete with the HHC website, but would tell people about the Club and give them a link to the HHC website (

The non-compete requirement was so it didn't fragment users - some people posting on website, some people posting on FB - and not be aware of each other. Also, I didn't want the burden of administering two sites.

The problem is that one can NOT create a FB page that does NOT allow posting. One can NOT create a page that shows only what one wants to show - only what FB wants you to show. So people post stuff that never gets answered. I probably should just delete the page, as it has maybe garnered one new HHC member in the last 8 years.



What do you want that the current website is not supplying?
Can we improve the current site to meet your desires? Let me know and I'll see if we can satisfy your requirements.