From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:FaceBook Group Date:Tue Aug 20 12:22:50 2019
Good Morning Everyone,

Justin and I have spoken several times regarding the proposed Highlands Chapter FaceBook Group page. He expressed his sincere desire to help the chapter and not to cause any controversy.

I believe the FB Group page might be a useful tool in growing he chapterís membership, but that is just one opinion. We are a club with many members and each memberís opinion counts. Nothing will ever be forced on the chapter.

Justin suggested holding off any postings until the merits of the page can be formally presented to the chapter. All postings have been halted at this time. Please note: No personal information has been, or will be, included on a Highlands Chapter FB page.

Discussing the proposed FB Group page on the Exchange may not be the most efficient way to handle this matter. A face to face conversation might work better.

Justin would be happy to come with me to the Planning Meeting later this year. He would like to explain the proposed page to anyone who is interested.

If the Chapterís opinion is to not have an invited-only membership FB Group page, thatís the way it will be. Itís just an idea that Justin came up with, in an effort to help the clubís current and future members.

We will always respect the Chapter memberís opinions. I hope to see you at the planning meeting in the Fall. Until then the Highland FB page will remain on hold.

Please feel free to call me if I can help you in any way.

Best Regards,