From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Highlands on Facebook! Date:Tue Aug 20 09:33:42 2019
Response to:1658
I don't have a real problem with starting this but would ask that Dave weigh in on any security issues as he is our web site guru and the person who probably knows the most about these sort of things.
I understand the younger members communicate this way but I also know that there are a ton of privacy concerns as evidenced by the news and almost everyday story about a hack or breach or some other sort of privacy invasion. Some of you have already voiced your choice not to have you bikes or image posted others are fie with it so it must be stressed that the members who do not want their images or bike shown must be honored.
I am not a big fan of any of this social media stuff and don't really care that that is the new wave of how folks communicate. Fine for them but not for me. I know I'm an old fart and don't keep up with the times but not all progress is good and this one is rife with issue in my book but I will not stand in the way of those that want to do this as long as Dave says it is safe and will no compromise the club, chapter or any members.
I have family members who do this for the country at the highest levels and they don't and won't do any social media and based on their expertise that is why I don't. I don't want the hassle of it nor do I need to be that invested in others lives.


Hey Guys, after our River Ride this year while congregating back at Bob's place...Dan brought up the idea that we create a Facebook "group/page" for the Highlands Chapter. This would not only allow everyone who has a Facebook account to post photos, events and toss around some would also allow us to share motorcycle related items that we come across for sale on "Facebook Marketplace" which is a free service provided by Facebook...not to mention the Special Interest groups that are out there that are full of information and contacts.

With that being said, I created a page last week and have added a few photos and Marketplace items. I have invited the few members that i'm aware have Facebook, but wanted to post on the exchange to invite all members to join Facebook and search for the "AMCA Highlands Chapter" to join the group. We figure its just another way to stay in touch and help our group grow!