From:Justin Fulcher
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Highlands on Facebook! Date:Mon Aug 19 10:58:36 2019
Response to:1660
We will certainly honor everyone's privacy request.
Anyone who would prefer not be pictured or mentioned in
photos or posts, please say so.
Keep in mind however, this is a CLOSED page. This is NOT
a public page. Anyone who will see our content has to
request permission to join, answer several screening
questions, then be accepted to join the group.


I would prefer if my name and picture were not posted on

Not having any luck searching for it.

Hey Guys, after our River Ride this year
while congregating back at Bob's
place...Dan brought up the idea that we
create a Facebook "group/page" for the
Highlands Chapter. This would not only
allow everyone who has a Facebook account
to post photos, events and toss around
some would also allow us to
share motorcycle related items that we
come across for sale on "Facebook
Marketplace" which is a free service
provided by Facebook...not to mention the
Special Interest groups that are out there
that are full of information and contacts.

With that being said, I created a page
last week and have added a few photos and
Marketplace items. I have invited the few
members that i'm aware have Facebook, but
wanted to post on the exchange to invite
all members to join Facebook and search
for the "AMCA Highlands Chapter" to join
the group. We figure its just another way
to stay in touch and help our group grow!