From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Rivah Ride Update Date:Sun Jul 28 11:45:56 2019
Hello Everybody,

Our plans for the Rivah Ride are coming along nicely.

Dana and I drove the route for Saturday's ride a few days ago. It includes a Tiki Bar drink-stop at Windmill Point and lunch 20 miles away at Horn Harbor.

The total distance for the ride is about 105 miles. A good portion of the route is on back roads (all are paved) and a little bit of divided highway.

The hills are small and the curves are gentle. Dana and I drove the route at about 45 MPH. That seems like a comfortable speed for the roads we've chosen. Everybody will enjoy a leisurely ride through the countryside.

I think we should leave our place around 9:30 AM on Saturday. That will get us to the stops and back home in time for a bit of relaxation before the cookout.

Keep your finger's crossed for good weather. The last few weeks have been beautiful.

Thanks to everybody that has already sent their RSVPs.

We are figuring out the sleeping arrangements and planing our food needs for the event. If you haven't responded yet, please do so, no later than the 1st of August. Let us know if you'll need a place to sleep and if you'll be joining us for Saturday's cookout and Sunday's brunch.

Dana and I are looking forward to your visit to the Northern Neck. See y'all soon.

Best Regards,