From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Third Annual "Rivah Ride" - RSVP Requested Date:Mon Jul 22 23:06:36 2019
Hello Everybody,

It's only 18 days until we gather in the Northern Neck for the Third Annual Rivah Ride.

The dates are Friday, August 9, 2019 to Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Here is the Legal Stuff: (FYI: Rollo and I just attended the President's Meeting in Wauseon, Ohio. They were adamant that adhere to AMCA regulations for all Chapter Rides. Its just the way things are, now-a-days).

This event is open to Highlands Chapter Members only. It is a private party.

All riders must be current AMCA members and must have valid insurance on the bikes they are riding. The Board told us that we must have each rider sign the Standard AMCA Release before the ride begins. I'll have copies release printed out for your signature.

We were told that it is a strict violation of AMCA regulations for Dana and me to provide any alcohol during our event. I can't even offer you a beer. Sorry about that. Obviously, this makes the Rivah Ride a BYOB gathering.

You'll need to bring your favorite beverage, unless it is water, tea or soda. (Dana and I will provide all the soft drinks).

OK enough of that! Lets get to the good stuff:

Trailer and Vehicle Parking: I making arrangements for parking at the property across the road for truck and trailer parking. I think we will be able to use the same area we used last year.

Sleeping Space: Most of you already know the arrangements, but if you don't, here is the scoop.

We have room in our house for a few folks. We have two guest rooms and several comfortable sofas. The screened in porch has a sofa, as well.

There is an apartment in our barn that is fully furnished. It has a separate bedroom with two single beds and a living room with a queen size sleeper sofa. It has a small kitchen and a full bathroom.

The entire barn is air conditioned and there is an additional bathroom and shower on the first floor. I have several shops in the barn, where there is space for cots, air mattresses and sleeping bags. You might be sleeping next to one of my collections of tools, motorcycles or the WWII Jeep, but you should be fairly comfortable.

We have room for tent camping, if that is your thing.

One of our neighbors have offered the use of their garage apartment, as they did last year. It has a small bedroom and an additional sleeper sofa.

Another of our neighbors have a spare bedroom that they have set up for our use.

Nobody chose to sleep on our little 19' sailboat last year, but there are bunks for 2 folks if that's an option you'd like to try. (The boat is not air conditioned and it doesn't have a head. However, the house is only 100 feet away from the dock).

There are a few motels and hotels within 15 miles of our house. I can provide the contact information to anybody that prefers that type of lodging.

FRIDAY: Arrival

You are welcome to arrive anytime on Friday. There aren't any planed activities until the evening, so you can come down and just relax for the day.

Don't forget to bring your swimming trunks. I've been jumping in Wilkins Creek almost every day this summer. Its a great way to cool off. We have a couple of Kayaks, floating toys and spare fishing rods, too.

We plan on riding our bikes to a restaurant for supper on Friday. We may go to Coles Point Tavern as we did the last couple of years or I may come up with a new place for that evening.

SATURDAY: Ride Day and Cookout

Dana and I will provide a small continental breakfast on Saturday morning. (Cold cereal, toast, juice and fruit). I don't think you'll need too much, as we will be riding our bikes to a restaurant for lunch.

I'm hoping to end up at Windmill Point around noon, so we can have lunch at the marina's Tiki Bar. Our ride will continue around the Northern Neck and end up back at our house in the afternoon. There will be time before supper for more socializing, a nap or a dip in Wilkins Creek.

We will be providing a cookout supper for everybody on Saturday evening. Dana and I are working on the menu now.

SUNDAY: Home-Cooked Breakfast and Socializing

We will provide a full breakfast on Sunday morning, as we did last year. Dana is a wonderful cook, so I'm sure everybody will be happy.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like on Sunday. Other than breakfast, there aren't any formal plans, so you are free to enjoy our home, Wilkins Creek or the surrounding countryside.

I greatly would appreciate RSVPs from the Highlands Chapter members that will be joining us for the Rivah Ride gathering. This will help us figure out the sleeping arrangements and to determine how much food we will need to prepare.

Please send your RSVP before August 1st. You can contact me by email at:

OR you can contact me by phone:

Most of you already have my cell phone number. You can call or text me with your RSVP.

I'd be happy to provide additional details including our street address or directions to our home. Just let me know what your need.

Dana and I are looking forward to visiting with our Highland's Chapter Brothers and Sisters. The Rivah is calling. See Y'all soon.

Best Regards,