From:William Lackman
Subject:RE: '47 Chief: Date:Mon Jul 22 05:39:19 2019
Response to:1641

Here's a link to my Imgur account. GIF & JPEG don't
support sound.


Hey Y'all... catch you up on the '47 Chief -
Named: "Ol' Blue" - - - I happened to find a block of
time in Bill's schedule where... Low-And-Behold... he
didn't have a "Project-Bike" saddled up on his Bike-
Lift... I'm there like: "Whoooah!" - asking Bill how he
felt about giving me a hand getting Ol' Blue started up?
- He's like: "Bring her on Bro'!"

So, last weekend - July 14... I show up late (it seems
Bill's an "Early riser" and my early morning gastro-
intestinal Fireworks kind of slowed me down a bit...
Anyway, we sorted out a whole lot of roadblocks, created
(what I hope to be my Final) "Parts Order List" and
scheduled this weekend as the NextBestStep!

So I shows up Saturday morning at 7:14 - parts in hand
and we get to work... Now let me catch you all up on
something here. We all know Bill is a great guy... multi-
talented, hard worker, Fantastic Work-Shop! - - - but
what was also revealed is that Bill's a really patient,
relaxed and skilled "Teacher" - I mean, I learned So-Much
as we both evaluated, tested, tweaked and crafted
solution after solution to staging this '47 to get Fired-
Up! - Round about 1:45 Bill points out that he's Out-Of-
Steam... Off I go to head back to Sterling, gather a few
more items and rest up myself.

Come Sunday Morning and I'm back at BILL'S SHOP bright
and early, we both Dig-In, suffering the Unrelenting
"Dash-Panel-Items" struggle... Need I say more? Anyway,
rounding about the 11:00 hour, - Fuel in tank, I give her
a few "FULL CHOKE" Primer Kicks... Choke-Off... Bill
yells: "Contact" - I switch her On...