From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: Blast from the Past Date:Fri Jun 28 09:52:52 2019
Response to:1630
Probably 495 to 210 and down that to either 288 or 225 and cut across. I would prefer to stay out of Sat traffic on 495 and the stop lights on Rt. 5 but what ever the group wants to do.

I would like to meet up for the ride over.
What route are you planning? 495 to 495/95 to 5?


For anyone that is interested in meeting up to convoy over to
the Blast from the Past at All American HD in Hughesville this
Sat. I am meeting up with Bill Lackman and Juan at the church
parking at at the corner of Braddock Rd. and Ravensworth Rd.
at 9 am. If you take Braddock Rd. east (inside the beltway)
and take a left at the light at Braddock and Ravensworth the
church is on your left. You have to take a left at the first
street on Ravensworth the get into the parking lot. That is
9am! Hope to see you all either there or at All American HD
this Sat. Gonna be hot so bring sunscreen and cool clothes!