From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Oooops - please forgive me Date:Wed Dec 16 19:15:30 2009
Oops - I was testing the new reCAPTCHA system on the "test" version of the Exchange, and I was wondering why it wasn't working. The reason is that I was doing it on the "real" system by mistake.

Sorry for spamming you all!

Those pesky Russians started again from a machine in the Netherlands. I quickly blocked them there, but I suspect we will be playing cat and mouse forever.

In a couple of days - after a little more testing (hopefully on the "test" system, not the real one), I'll be rolling out a new feature that will require you to type in the words displayed before you can post a message.

This will let people in, but keep other computers out.

The alternative is to go to some username/password system, but that's a pain for everyone.

The attached pic shows what the new feature will look like. Some words are easier to read than others. If you get one that you can't read, click the little "recycle" looking button, and you will get a different pair of words.

Again, SORRY!