From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:FREE Handy Lift extensions Date:Fri Jun 21 23:23:13 2019
Do you have a Handy Lift? Rollo and Potter do - we bought three of them between us from MontgomeryVille Cycle up in PA
Bill Lackman does. I think George Ogden does. A few more out there too - who are you?

A few years ago at Oley, Bill Potter posted a hand-written cardboard sign "Wanted: Handy Lift" at my vendor spot. Some guy came along and said "Yup, I've got three of them, do you want to buy all three?" The three of us trucked (in Rollo's super deluxe pickup truck) up to Nowhere PA and loaded up three Handy lifts. We beat the guy's price down to $999.99 - which worked out to $333.33 each.

OK, enough history. I have the side extensions which allow you to work on ATVs and riding mowers and other 4-wheeled things. Besides the main side extensions, there are two ramp extensions, which are needed to drive your 4-wheeled thing onto the lift. Plus the pole-thingies which hold the extensions onto the main Handy body.

I have moved, and I really don't have the storage space for these. They are FREE TO GOOD HOME. Actually, they are free to ANY home, good, bad, or ugly. Stop by my new shop and grab them. Help relieve my excess of accessories.

Or heck, I can even deliver withing a reasonable range. But you will have to buy the beer for the ride. (I'm not sure you can say that these days.)

Dave Hennessey
7890 Knights Court
Warrenton, VA 20186