From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: sock wash 2019 Date:Sun Feb 17 11:44:47 2019
Response to:1564
Agreed and a big thank you to Bill for once again letting us invade his personal space and ohhh and aahh his well equipped shop. Also as I have said before kudos to Justin and Dan for their work on getting paint and powder coat on Bill's 38 Chief. It is going to look spectacular once he gets that sheet metal back on it now that the motor and tranny are back in the frame.

Also thanks to those who paid their 2019 dues. I still have some t-shirts available at $15 ea. I have med-2 XL and to those who signed up at the Xmas party don't worry I have yours set aside with your names on them so next time your at an event you can get it. Bob is going to be working on sticker as some of you saw at the sock wash so more on them down the road.

Get your bikes finished up or maintenance done and let's get ready to ride this year!


Thanks Bill ! I had a good time hanging out in the Lachman man cave. Great paint work - two thumbs up Justin ! Beer ,Pizza and no rain! Mission accomplished , Craig