From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Art and Antiques Date:Thu Feb 14 21:40:27 2019
Watercolors and Photographs

If you're out Route 211 near Sperryville, stop by Hazel River Art and Antiques, where you will find a dozen of Jennifer Hennessey's gorgeous watercolor paintings on display. On the opposite wall you'll find a selection of Dave Hennessey's photographs, featuring some stunning shots of Avian-Americans.

Hazel River Art and Antiques is right on 211, a mile or so past the exit for Washington VA, and 100 feet past the CFC Farmer's Co-op. Stop in and check out our work.


Meanwhile, New Baltimore Garage, our Sock Wash location for many years past, has transmogrified its drawing room into, of all things, a mini-art and antique gallery.

On display are some of Dave Hennessey's photographs, including a large print of "Men In Black". This photograph was taken during the Highlands Chapter's 2013 Two Mile Ride, and features the distinctively non-smiling faces of our current Vice President and Treasurer.

Two of Jennifer Hennessey's watercolor paintings are currently on display, as is Dave's collection of Virginia SCC license plates.

Stop by and say "Hi" to proprietor George Downes, one of our Chapter's founders, and check out their newly remodeled drawing room. And while you're there, grab yourself a 50-cent Pepsi the best soft drink deal in Fauquier County.

The 2013 Two-Mile Ride: