From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Sock Wash - RAIN OR SHINE Date:Thu Feb 14 20:13:10 2019
Response to:1556
We are MANLY MOTORCYCLE MEN. We are NOT put off by the idle threat of solid precipitation. WE KICK BUTT. But we don't take names - we spit on names!

The Sock Wash will occur RAIN OR SHINE. Or SNOW. Or ICE.

If the snow gets deeper than one foot, your fearless leader will personally clear a 26 inch wide path from Warrenton to Berryville with his newly acquired DOG-EATER attachment for his antique Gravely walk-behind.

26 inches is certainly a wide-enough path for MANLY MEN to drive MANLY ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLES. We will accept NO excuses.

Five gallons of Citralicious Hopadelic lubricant will be available. It's a MANLY 6.5% ABV lubricant guaranteed to drive the moisture out of any manly motorcycles or manly motorcycle men who brave the elements.

See ya Saturday!