From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Go Fund Me SCAM - Read Now Date:Sun Feb 10 11:33:17 2019
Keith Kiser, AMCA Executive Director notified us:

Dear AMCA Chapter Officers,

Yesterday many of you received an email that is a scam. It used our AMCA logo and the GoFundMe logo trying to make it look like a plead from the AMCA. It is not.

This email is again targeting AMCA Chapter Officers presumably directly from your own websites, or maybe in this case, chapter presidents from our website. I would strongly encourage you to remove an personal emails listed on your site and funnel your emails through chapter specific emails addresses. Or, simply be aware of scams; its the world we live in.

Recently we did send out a legitimate GoFundMe campaign for fire victims from our Ishi Chapter. When we sent that out, you will see it came from our email address and the link went directly to GoFundMe and not to a PayPal account as this one. We are in hopes our Ishe Chapter need was a once in a lifetime need. You will mostly never see a request like this for one individual's crisis.

Bottomline, the fake email entitled "Support Christopher's Recovery" is 100% a scam. Please disregard.