From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: SPAM from Russia Date:Fri Dec 11 21:00:45 2009
Response to:143
Hi all,

Today, I re-enabled the e-mail feature of the Exchange.

I had turned off email, and modified the program that runs the Exchange to pick up on the Russian spammer's IP address. Any messages posted from there were thrown in the trash, and instead of seeing the index page after posting, they were re-directed to

I was hoping that the Kremlin might pick up on the fact that the same address was hitting them every 45 minutes round the clock, and maybe send the KGB after them. But apparently not.

I was thinking about redirecting them to, who would definitely have picked them up, but then I certainly wouldn't want them knocking on my door!

I completely blocked them from accessing the website tonight, and turned on the e-mail.

So everything is back to normal now.

До свидания


We've got some spammers/hackers on the Exchange. I tracked the first one down to a place in Russia.

I've turned off the email part of the Exchange. Messages (real or spam) will be posted on the Web Site, but you will not get any emails until I hunt down and block these folks.

They are not doing anything technically fancy - they're either actually posting this stuff on the web site by typing it, or they're using a program which really does the same thing. (I've written these kind of programs - quite easy)

More updates as I learn more.


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