From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: FYBOR Date:Wed Nov 28 12:03:16 2018
Response to:1508
I will be there for sure! I will either ride my 64 even if it is cold as long as it isn't raining or rain is imminent. If it is Gen. George and I will be in a truck. Either way we will be there. I'll text you as well.


H Chap brothers & sistas:
Unfortunately, the weather forecast for our annual FYBOR scheduled for this Saturday does not look very good. I guess we shouldn't be surprised since we have been deluged with rain all year long. For the mid Atlantic region, we have seen the most rainfall in recorded history so let's think about Plan B: 4 Wheels. I hope everyone will still come here because I've picked up a number of new things over the last year and put several new displays together. Just jump in your truck or beat up old station wagon and come across the bridge anyway. We'll hang out, drink some beer, have a nice lunch, swap some lies and it'll be big fun.
The restaurant, Lahinch Tavern and Grill, is pretty normal for Potomac - not snooty or pretentious and it's only six miles away. The food is great - me and my friends go there often - I think you all will like it. Please let me know that you're coming so I can reserve tables. Texting works best: 301-466-2610.
I hope to see y'all 10:00AM this coming Saturday.