From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: Two Mile Ride - Thanks to Dave & Jennifer Date:Sun Oct 21 11:50:20 2018
Response to:1493
Plus one on this. What was looking like a dreary day turned out great. Other than Dave almost getting us killed (Just kidding, but somewhat unnerving at times) with false turns and a clutch cable failure but ready repair, by Juan and crew, in the church lot and that train blocking the road crossing it was uneventful. Just pointing out some of the less fun moments but all in all a very good day and great food and conversation at Dave and Jennifer's. Good to see so many folks come out and meet some new folks!


Thanks to Dave & Jennifer
Great Ride, Great Day, Good Camaraderie but most of all
Awesome Food & Beer
Thank you both!!!!

The weather is cooperating! The Two Mile Ride will really happen THIS

Meet at New Baltimore Garage, 5340 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187
at 10am for dognuts and coffee.

Fill up with gas at Mayhugh's on 29 about 1/2 mile north/east. First
scheduled gas stop: 45 miles

The entire ride will be about 60 miles, 1.5 hours car time == 2 hours
motorcycle time, which should put us at our lunch destination around 12:30
or 1 pm.

Jennifer's has a great meal planned, and 3 kinds of lubricant will be flowing
from the taps in the garage.

The ride map can be seen here: