From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Two Mile Ride - THIS SATURDAY Date:Thu Oct 18 19:53:10 2018
Response to:1491

Hi Everybody,

Wish I could make it to the ride.

Looks like I have another commitment on Saturday.

Hope you all have a great ride.

Best Regards,


The weather is cooperating! The Two Mile Ride will really happen THIS

Meet at New Baltimore Garage, 5340 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187
at 10am for dognuts and coffee.

Fill up with gas at Mayhugh's on 29 about 1/2 mile north/east. First
scheduled gas stop: 45 miles

The entire ride will be about 60 miles, 1.5 hours car time == 2 hours
motorcycle time, which should put us at our lunch destination around 12:30
or 1 pm.

Jennifer's has a great meal planned, and 3 kinds of lubricant will be flowing
from the taps in the garage.

The ride map can be seen here: