From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Two Mile Ride Date:Fri Oct 12 07:56:02 2018
Response to:1487
So with the weather turning on us yet again what is the plan now? BTW saw some 52-53 K model cylinders on ebay if your in need.

This Saturday October 13 is our annual Two Mile Ride.

Meet at 10am at New Baltimore Garage for coffee and doughnuts. We'll ride VERY SLOWLY arriving at Dave and Jennifer's home, Two Miles away - about Two Hours later.

The Malt Beverage Menu is below:

New Baltimore Garage
5340 Lee Hwy, Warrenton, VA 20187
Phone: (540) 347-1993

FrankenStout is a Guinness-like stout - dark and malty. Franken because I cleared out some stocks of 6-row and Pilsner malts in brewing this monster.

Two-Fisted Ale is a nice golden IPA, but not too hoppy, not too alky. Jennifer really likes this one. It's kinda like Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, but specially modified for Two-Fisted Drinking.

Cationic Cocktail is an attempt to re-capture the taste of the now-historic Bass Ale. Burton-upon-Trent in England has some of the hardest and most mineral-laden water in the world, and their beer has a unique taste. Beer is 95% water, so we added a whole lot of cations (and an equal amount of anions) to Broad Run Virginia water to try and recreate Burton-upon-Trent water. Did we succeed?

See you Saturday!