From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: weather for runs and swaps arrraghhh! Date:Wed Sep 12 14:02:59 2018
Response to:1474

Well gang some of you must be praying or lighting candles as the forecast has changed some for the better. Now it is only cloudy with 20% chance of rain. Looks like we might get to ride after all plus Flo looks like it is going to hit further South than previously thought so we may be spared some of the effects of that as well. I know Bob will be glad of that!

Ride on!
Geez this weather sucks! Looking forward it looks like we have a good chance our ride on Sunday will be raining and the Jefferson swap meet will too! Nothin new for Jefferson as it usually is raining or at least a mud hole from previous days of rain. I am hoping it gets better but with Flo making a mess it is going to be tough. So everybody say a prayer and light a candle so we can get enough of a break to get a ride in and bring your duck shoes for White Rose!!