From:Uwe Rumohr
Subject:RE: First Day of 2019 model year Date:Mon Sep 3 11:23:11 2018
Response to:1472
My two birthday bike aren't eligible for Medicaid yet. l hope they won't need it when the time comes, by giving them regular exercise, good fuel, positive reinforcement. This regimen has worked for the last 31 years on my 51 year old FLH, as l hope it will for the newest member of our small family, another FLH that just turned 59.

Yesterday they both enjoyed that regimen, the '60 with an hour solo "long way" ride for breakfast and the '67 with Lesley (my wife) for a 45 minute "around the block" ride out here in the mountains.

Uwe Rumohr
Amissville, VA