From:Michael Bosworth
Subject:First Day of 2019 model year Date:Sun Sep 2 18:23:26 2018
Ah, youse guys (and gals) with actual antique motorcycles…I the chapter odd-ball with a faux-tribute “1915 Indian” am not taking her out this weekend (only the thoroughly modern 2005 BMW F800ST…), but next Saturday the “1915” will make an appearance at the Vienna Farmers’ Market in the morning about 0800 , then at the Vienna Historic Society Freeman Store centered history event 10-4. The c1918 Marine motorcycle despatch rider made an appearance at the Berryville WW1 parade a month or two ago. My ‘1915 Indian’ (single cylinder 212cc souped to 12hp) is one year old now with perhaps a total of 100 miles on her (no odo- or speedometer…)…her first gig was November 2017 at the Newville PA WW1 reenactment, repeated in April18 at the same bi-annual event, riding the roads behind the trenches (and one memorable run through no-mans-land between the opposing Allied and Central Powers trenches) delivering messages, directing traffic, reporting enemy troop movements, and such.

Too bad no VIN or road legality…that’ll be the next faux-tribute project.

Mike Bosworth
Vienna VA