From:Sue Greer
Subject:Christmas Party Date:Mon Aug 20 21:08:15 2018
The Christmas party is reserved for the Greene Turtle, Leesburg on Saturday, 15 December.

Happy hour 6-7, club buys first drink, club buys apps (last year was buffalo chicken dip, and sour cream and bacon dip with chips).

Dinner 7-10, individual checks, order from menu, approx 30 people.

Both of my points of contact from last year are no longer there, but my new POC Jason put us on the books. A little easier the second time around (especially when I kept my folder from last year).

Jason laughed, he said no one had called about Christmas yet, he also warned that ordering from the menu was slower than buffet - I told him we were ok with that, drinking and socializing will pass the time.