From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Oley - follow up to Rollo's Report Date:Sat Aug 18 21:47:58 2018
Here's the Notes From Wauseon which I received from Keith Kizer.

* Barry Algeo, President of the Perkiomen Chapter discussed the parking issue at Oley. All campers and trailers will be moved down the road to another facility (RMC, Redding[sic] Motorcycle Club.) No transportation. This excludes vendors whose camper fits on their spots.

* Golf carts are okay (??) and will be included in their ad. This could change so look for the Oley ad in the magazine.
* Motorcycle parking will be available.

Oley has been sold out of vendor spaces for many years. They only way to get a space if is someone dies or retires.

In the past, they've allowed paid camping towards the bottom of the hill near the creek. There have also been a lot of pickups with motorcycle trailers parked down there, which I suspect are people who just pay for camping in order to park there.

It looks to me like they want to turn that area into vendor spaces, so paid camping is moving to the Reading Motorcycle Club.

I don't think this affects parking in your vendor spot at all.

Got the snazzy new mirrors on the Henderson. They are perfect shields for jousting at the Renaissance Faire. Thanks Mike!

Sorry to have to abandon ship so early.