Subject:Last Sundays annual "Freeze Your Butt Off Ride" Date:Fri Dec 4 08:58:30 2009

Last Sundays ride started out as each of the last three. Richard left his house and it was 28 degrees, he arrived at my house at 0915 and we were off to meet “Fast George” and King. As scheduled they were waiting for us under the bridge near the Plains. It was still quite chilly as the four of us roared up the road to Middleburg to meet the rest of our fellow club brothers: Nomad Tom, Cliff, Tom Lacey Bob, Rollo, Eric, Tom (British Bike Guys). After the usual BS session we asked Tom Lacey lead the ride. Tom is well known for his familiarity of the scenic side of the back roads of Virginia. Off we went up thru Marshall and headed to our favorite eatery “Griffins Tavern” in Flint Hill. As with most of our rides the roads were off the main drag and full of beautiful views, tight turns and scenic country side. As we were getting close to Flint Hill King had a minor mishap and we had call Frank to get the chase truck so we could get Kings Pan back home. Tom ended up riding Kings bike back to Griffins where we all enjoyed a fine lunch while we discussed the ride back. George, Frank and I ended up bringing King to the emergency room at Fauquier Hospital where they relocated his shoulder (twice). He eventually made it home and at 70 years old who lives at least 2 hours from us and makes most of our runs remains the toughest of all characters in our club. Special thanks to “Fast George”,” Nomad Tom” , Cliff, Richard and everyone else that somehow was directly involved with something to do with or immediately calling to check up on our club brother during this exciting event. I spoke to King and he says thanks as well.

Oh yea, thanks to the big guy that looks like me for not thinking twice about jumping up to bring the chase truck to Kings aid. You’re a stand up guy Frank, now get your “47’ on the road.

Ride Safe


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