From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Blast from the Past 2018 Date:Tue Jun 12 09:15:06 2018
Response to:1437
Yes, it is THIS Saturday, June 16 10am to 4pm

I had put it on the calendar under the wrong date, but now corrected.

If you are planning to ride there, contact Rollo at 703-909-1994 (cell) or

Just a friendly reminder that we are scheduled to have our annual BFP at All American HD in Hughesville, MD Saturday June 16th for 10-4. Lyndon Jessica and Keith are looking forward to seeing us at the their new shop on Rt. 5 in southern MD. They can't get the Tiki Bar do to some permit issues but we can bring our own as before. See you all there.
Actually not too bad a ride down 210 and across to LaPlata to get there. Lot better than 495 and Rt 50 to Annapolis.